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Saturday, April 12, 2008

You Tube Xbox360 Videos

Check below for you tube videos about xbox360 modding

Friday, March 28, 2008

Burning Xbox360 Games

There are a few different methods of doing this. Once you downloaded your game, you have to see what kind of rip it is. You want it to be a patched rip so you can just burn it and play it online with no problems. Only thing you have to do is set the layer break at the right spot and burn it at like 2.4 and you should be good.

Software for Downloading and Burning Xbox360 Games

Imgburn is the most recommended software used to burn the games with. It has some cool options where you can set a automatic break in the dvd which you will see is very important when your burning your downloaded games.

I also recommend Utorrent as your torrent client to download games with. Once you have utorrent configured correctly with a open port, your download speeds will be very fast and your sure to get a letter in the mail from your isp about using too much bandwith lol!

Flashing The Memory

Download This file and it has step by step instructions with pictures to walk you right through the process of Flashing your rom! Once the rom is flashed then you can bring out the eye patch and join the crew of pirates!

Getting Windows to detect your drive

Its not to difficult to get either linux or windows to detect your drive so you can dump the memory onto your pc. But personally i dont want to give bad instructions or not tell every little detail so check the xbox-scene link you will find a real deep explanation on how to do this. This is where i learned from and instead of just copying and pasting instructions, ill just redirect you there because im 100% sure this method works!

Connecting A Xbox360 To Your PC

*Before you think about doing this yourself or take apart your xbox, you should make sure you have the right parts to complete the job! you will need a pc with a motherboard with sata support! if you dont have one then you should go buy a pci sata card from walmart or anywhere you get your pc parts from. Buying a pci sata card is alot cheaper then a game so if you dont have a motherboard that supports it, just go buy a card its worth it!*

First thing you have to decide is weather your going to power your xbox360 using the power source it came with (easy but not so safe), or you can use your pc power supply(not so easy but safer). I suggest you use your xbox power supply but check flashing rom link for option #2.

Now you connect your dvd rom from your pc using the dvd cable(12pin) the xbox came with.
Then connect your dvd rom to your pc using  a standard sata cable.
Now power on your pc and your xbox360!!